1. Member Platform
    Engine uses a communication platform to allow members to communicate to address issues like: Supply Chain Human Resources Plant Operation Innovation Technology Resource
  2. Plant Tours
    Plant tours are an excellent example of the learning and development opportunities available by being a Member of Engine. Tours provide real best practice sharing and the chance to hear first hand how and why certain techniques and technology is used by manufacturers.
  3. Regional Meetings
    By traveling to meet other manufacturers from around the region Members have the opportunity to discover the economic drivers behind other manufacturers and see how they treat problem solving. These meetings also provide the opportunity for Member collaboration.
  4. Technology Spotlight
    Engine provides the opportunity to "spotlight" important technology that is beneficial to manufacturing Members. Advanced Manufacturing is a special focus of ours.
  5. Annual Conference
    The Engine Annual Conference provides a great opportunity to share capabilities with other manufacturers. Our workshops provide the sharing of important information that is helpful to East Tennessee manufacturing.
  6. Innovation Discovery
    Engine provides the collaborative environment for Members to convene and explore through discussion the opportunities for collaboration, innovation and problem solving.